Nyland dragoons

Finished with the first six figures! I will probably never do a large number of Finnish cavalry. These were the most numerous of the Swedish cavalry in the Finnish war of 1808. On a whole, there was very little cavalry, especially on the Swedish side, with about 750 dragoons out of an army totalling almost 20 000 (the army of Finland) at the outbreak of hostilities. The miniatures are Perry 28mms.

7 thoughts on “Nyland dragoons

  1. Great work on the painting. I am also working on painting up Swedish and Russian Forces for Sharps Practice and other skirmish games. You have done some very good modifications to get the Swedish miniatures spot on. I am hoping that Perry will release more Swedish miniatures as I want some Guard Miniatures as well as more cavalry options. I will be painting up the Swedish Dragoon miniatures from Perry as the Scanian Dragoons with there yellow uniforms and the black hats.


    1. Thank you! Lets hope Perry release some Swedish guard infantry. I myself am hoping even more for artillery limbers, but I suspect that is unlikely in the near future.


      1. Could we use Russian Artillery Limbers? Since there were a few wars between Russia and Sweden fought in Finland I am sure they might have been reusing captured equipment? Yes I want some Guard Infantry and some other types of Infantry from Perry, I have sent then an email to ask if they will continue and the answer at that time was yes. Lets see what is next. They just released more Danish figures this week.


      2. They did use captured Russian pieces. The Savolax brigade used some “4-pdr howitzers” which they captured early in the campaign, unclear what model that refers to exactly though. But more than that they used older Swedish guns, as the new 6-pdrs (m/1804) did not replace all old guns. So there must have been several different guns in service in 1808. Some of them may well have been painted in the older style with yellow and blue rather than blue and black as they were later. There are a number of late 18th century guns and limbers in the Digitalt museum collections that you could look at. But you would need proxies for them.


      3. Good point. When I painted up the 6lb for my collection I used yellow for the wood instead of blue. I have found some sources that mention that the Finish guns were in Yellow in 1808 and some in blue. I have checked out the digital library. I have also gone to the Army museum here in Stockholm. I want to go back once the Covid situation is under control.


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