Västmanland and Västerbotten regimental colors

I recently painted up the flags for these two regiments, but I have’nt yet painted the actual foot soldiers. The Västerbotten flag is of the 1686 model, the Västmanland flag is model 1766. The Västerbotten regiment (1st btn) was the only Swedish infantry regiment present in Finland at the outbreak of the war (not counting the regiments garrisoned at Sveaborg fortress, which surrendered in the late spring despite being quite intact and having suffered minimal losses). It participated at Virta bro, Pulkkila, Alavo, Ruona-Salmi and Oravais. In 1809 the second battalion defended Lejonströmsbron in the regiment’s home county of Västerbotten.

Since I did these I have also realized that the Västmanland regiment (with the flaming mountains in the flag!) probably did not wear the grey 1807 uniform in 1808 – they received it only in 1809 or so. That means that their uniform was in fact blue with yellow facings (piped white) and yellow trousers and not grey/blue as I have painted this ensign. But those are also nice colors!

5 thoughts on “Västmanland and Västerbotten regimental colors

  1. Thank you for the post. I am wondering where you are getting your uniform information from. I am struggling to find a good source on the uniforms during this period. I have a book in English on the subject but I am not sure it is reliable. Do you have a good book that you could refer to me? I do read and understand some Swedish so if it were in Swedish that would be great. Now if it is in Finnish….well let just say that would not help. Thank you!

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  2. The best I have found is the article by Leif Törnquist, “Colours, Standards, Guidons and Uniforms, 1788–1815”, in Between the Imperial Eagles: Swedens Armed Forces during the Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars 1780–1820, ed. by Fred Sandstedt, Stockholm: Army Museum, 2000. I think he has written more on the subject (in Swedish), but this one is pretty useful and includes tables of the colors and facings for all regiments as well as details on the flags.


    1. Thank you very much! That is exactly what I am looking for. I found a copy on Amazon.com in the USA and I will get it shipped to me, so hopefully in August I will have the book. Thank you again!


  3. Might I say that your flags are amazing! Your work is inspiring and I’ll be referencing it quite a bit as embark on my 15mm Project.


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