Grodno hussars 1808

Here is a first attempt at a Grodno hussar for the war in Finland in 1808. The miniature is a Perry hussar in 1812 model uniform, but with a head from a Brigade Games russian 1805 musketeer added. I also added the shako cords with green stuff. In this way the model looks pretty close to what they would have worn in 1808, I think. By that time, the carbine had been dropped, and it seemed appropriate with the “campaign look” of the Perry figures. I am slightly unsure about the color and look of the shako cords; in some pictures they look more like a colored band around the top of the shako. I reckon this will have to do: the conversion was relatively simple, and should not be that hard to replicate on the rest, which means no more than 5 or 11 more figures like this one.

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