Hälsinge regt.

An update on these with WIP on the officers, which are conversions based on Spanish napoleonics by Perry. Perry have a number of different command packs for the Spanish which can easily be converted to look like they are wearing Swedish uniform, either the m/1802, the m/1806 or m/1807, with or without plastrons (the Spanish uniforms seem to have gone through similar changes during these years).

I will do enough for three small battalions of the Hälsinge regiment. Normally I have done standard battalions of only 16 figures, but these will be of 24 men. Reason for that is that they will, God willing, be participating at Salute 2022 (in April)!

These have a very simple blue and white color scheme, which is good as I need to do quite a few of them. Thanks to Chad for the templates for the flags!

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