101st airborne reinforcements

I am working on the last few Warlord Games US airborne figures that remain in my lead pile. I have already painted up a basic Normandy platoon (2×12 men, bazooka, officers, 60mm mortar). These additions add support options such as an extra bazooka team, a 30 cal mg team and/or an extra squad. Some of these I have re-painted and some of these had broken weapons (a common problem with these figures unfortunately). I repaired them with steel pike/flag poles which are much more sturdy. I am still short about 6 riflemen (to make a full third squad), so that when I am finished with the last of these, I will have to buy some more. I contacted WG and asked them if I could order just the riflemen separately, but that isnt possible anymore (as it used to be). Apparently the molds for these figures are worn out and will not be replaced. The squad boxes are still in stock in many places, but they will eventually be replaced by the new WG plastic set. The squad boxes also contain a large number of models that I already have more than enough of. WG often put together sets with too many smgs and in this case also carbines, which really werent normally issued to riflemen.

Some figures are already completely unavailable, such as the pathfinders, which I dont have and cant find anywhere. That is very unfortunate; I much prefer these older metal figures, as they have more character, in my opinion.

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