Russian artillery repurposed

My 1808 Finnish war project has been slowing down somewhat recently. I did try out one idea which proved quite good. I have a small force of 1812 Russians already painted. Unfortunately almost none of those figures fit the 1808 setting, as the uniforms changed quite a bit. The artillerymen’s uniforms however, are wrong only when it comes to the shakos. And because the Warlord Games Russian artillery packs come with loose heads, swapping heads on the painted figures turned out to be a simple affair. I also had a few spare Brigade Games Russian infantry to provide the replacement heads with the old style shakos. The heads came off without ruining the paint job too much, and the collars were easily re-painted black with red piping once the new heads were attached. I found that the Brigade heads fit better on the WL bodies than I had expected. The repurposed 1808 style artillery can be seen on the left, the 1812 ones on the right.

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