More German armor

I finished a Panzer III Ausführung M and a sdkfz 222 leichter Panzerspåhwagen to add to my German armored collection. Pictures are not that great as I didnt have my usual camera to hand [I have replaced them with better pictures since I wrote this!]. The tank is a resin kit by die Waffenkammer and the armored car is a Warlord Games kit, also resin, but whereas the Waffenkammer kit has only resin parts, the WG model has details in metal, and there are quite a few of them as well. They are both very nice and with great detail and cast quality. But there are advantages with having the smaller parts in metal as the resin is brittle.

The Panzer III has armored side plates but I am not sure Ill be adding them. The tank looks OK without them and many lost them in the field. I think there may be a risk that they will just come off as the construction seems to be quite fragile. Also, a headlight came off from the tank when I was painting it and I couldnt find it again. Maybe Ill fix it with greenstuff, or maybe Ill just leave it. Im sure many came off IRL as well…

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