Hälsinge regt. WIP

I have been working on these off and on for the past year. These are not the most demanding figures, but they take a bit more time than the Finnish (all grey) regiments. Will be doing 2×24 of these. Not decided whether to do two flags per unit or not. If I paint the figures on time, maybe I will have time to do second flags as well. Figures are standard Perry metal Swedes, but several of the command figures are conversions based on Spanish infantry (with Swedish heads), as the Swedish range is quite limited in terms of poses.

2 thoughts on “Hälsinge regt. WIP

  1. Thoroughly enjoyable blog with excellent Napleonics (my period). I like the choice of the lesser known nations in the Napoleonic wars. Lovely painting, insirational units. Thank you for posting.


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