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Tonight a game of Bolt Action was played between a panzer platoon with panzer grenadier support and a red army tank platoon with tankodesantniki ca 1943. Bolt Action makes for a quick and simple game and it was enjoyable, but the Russian method of riding on the back of the tanks proved inferior to the German SPW:s which of course provide better protection. Also, the red army tank crews were quite inadequate in the gunnery department. The panzer IV on the other hand, with its powerful gun, made short work of first the heavy KV and shortly thereafter one of the T34:s. Soon three out of four Soviet tanks had been knocked out, while all German tanks were still operational. The Russian infantry was still relatively unscathed, but they were also trapped in an impossible position, and so the Soviet player (thats me) threw in the towel.

The German side had two panzer III:s, one panzer IV and three squads of panzer grenadiers in Hanomags. The Red army fielded three T34/76:s and a KV, with four squads of infantry riding on the tanks.

2 thoughts on “Back to Bolt Action

    1. You should! Its a fun game with a dynamic mechanic. Its not a simulation, but if you make an interesting scenario and play in the right spirit, it works well enough. Rules for AFV:s are very simple and effective.


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