Swedish model 1804 6-pounder limber

I modified a Perry miniatures Austrian 6-pounder limber to look like a Swedish limber for the model 1804 gun that equipped what may well have been the best troops in the Swedish army. There are numerous accounts of the effective use of this gun and its modern limber. The gun itself was a great improvement on previous models with good range and accuracy. Furthermore, it was a good deal lighter, because of improved design of the barrel itself and the use of fir (instead of heavy oak) in the carriage and limber. Most importantly, the 1804 system made the foot artillery into a “riding” (Sw. “åkande”) artillery, which means that the crew would ride on the limber instead of walking, something halfway towards horse artillery. This riding artillery seems to have been very effective and there are many accounts of it being used exactly as intended in the war in Finland: rapid movement, deployment, fire and repositioning. This approach was soon adpoted for all Swedish foot artillery.

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