Västmanland and Hälsinge regiments completed!

Looking through my old posts, I realized that I hadnt published any pictures on the fine Swedish regiments I finished in time for this years’ Salute show. So, here they are in all their glory, the first and second battalions of the Hälsinge regiment and the first of the Västmanland regiment. The paint job on the Hälsinge flags in particular were a bit rushed, as I did them the night before I flew to London. However, these pictures show that for all practical purposes, the results are good enough. It only goes to show that laborious blending of shades of black and white on these flags is really a waste of time…

Up until now I have painted small units of just 16 men. For the show, I needed to do 24-man units. Having played a few games with both, I have come to the conclusion that a compromise would indeed be a nice solution. 20-man units look very good on the table, while still being relatively small and fast to paint up. I should also add that when we play the Finnish war, we tend not to use the attack column formation, which might look a little odd with uneven numbers of bases.

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