And some more swedes…

2 thoughts on “And some more swedes…

  1. Hello, I particularly like your Swedish flags. Well done! I am building a 28mm Swedish army of 1813. I have been researching but find it very difficult to find sources for the regimental flags. I too have painted some of my own flags and find it fun. Could you point me in the direction of sources for the 1813 Swedish army? Cheers John


    1. Hi John, thank you! I know very little of the Swedish army of 1813 unfortunately. The Finnish regiments were all disbanded by then and I think that new uniforms were also used. But when it comes to flags, most regiments carried the m/1766. The exception seems to be the new Skåne regiments (norra and södra Skåne), Västgöta, Värmland and Halland. They carried a new type m/1812.
      This is the m/1812 for Västgöta regt:
      I think this is the 1812 för Skåne (both?):
      This is m/1812 for Värmland:
      Västgöta-Dal and Jämtland regts are also special cases, although I dont know the details there. (Maybe V-Dal used this one?:
      You can find good images of all the m/1766 flags here:
      For an overview of the developments and details about the exact dates for flags of each regiment, the best reference that I know of is Leif Törnquist, “Colours, Standards, Guidons and Uniforms, 1788–1815”, in Between the Imperial Eagles: Swedens Armed Forces during the Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars 1780–1820, ed. by Fred Sandstedt, Stockholm: Army Museum, 2000.


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