Russian jägers 1805

I am painting these Russian jägers for the war in Finland of 1808. It was only after having ordered many and painted some of them that I understood that the figures are not perfectly ideal for that campaign. By 1808, it had been decreed that the waist belt be worn over the shoulder rather than around the waist. If all units adhered to this order, I dont know. There is not much to do about it, as I cant just remove the waist belt on these as I have done with the musketeers, because these guys carry their cartridge box on the waist belt.

Also, apparently, the peculiar hat with a visor in the back (!) was never really used by the regiments active in Finland. Fortunately, these figures are sculpted so that the hat doesnt look that different from the regular shako that they did actually use. Especially if you cut away the visor in the back, which should be easy enough.

Having said that, the figures (by Brigade Games) are excellent and I really like them. And as these are the figures I have, I am sticking with them, although will perhaps not buy any more. The Brigade Games regular musketeers in firing line poses are probably better for representing jägers for 1808.

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