Swedish army in Finland of 1808 (so far…)

OK, some of you may have seen these pictures elsewhere before, but for those of you who havent, well, here is my progress on the Swedish army in Finland of the 1808 war against Russia. I currently have seven 16-man infantry units, one cavalry unit, and a few artillery and officer figures all based and ready for the games table. The plan is to used them for games of Black Powder and Sharp Practice, most likely more of the former to begin with.

I have e-mailed Warbases and asked them if it would be possible for them to custom-make some movement trays without gaps, so that I could based the close order infantry, especially the marching figures, closer together. As they are based right now, they are really too far apart for close order Napoleonic battalions. Well see what they can provide. If they cant make trays like that, I have a few bases exactly like that from Laser cut (I think thats what they are called) that I might use. Unfortunately, they dont do magnet holes, so I dont know if Ill just glue them permanently to the trays…

In the pipeline for this project is more infantry (one more unit primed and part painted), more cavalry (one more unit close to finished, see below in a recent post), and a couple of more commanders (one primed and ready to be painted). I also plan to do more artillery, but as I want to have limbers and artillery wagons for all artillery pieces for gaming purposes, limbers are a slight problem. Apart from being a bit of a pain to assemble in themselves, in this case I need to convert Austrian limbers and artillery caissons to look like Swedish ones, and that will take a bit of work. So thats perhaps a little further in the future.

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