A game of Chain of Command

We played scenario 4 (if I remember correctly) of the 29 let’s go campaign this evening. I played the German side. I used a motley selection of figures that I felt fit the Normandy setting relatively well. The game opened with me deploying a section in one of the central buildings. At first I thought this was a mistake, they were immediately pounded by a Sherman. But they survived. And this also lured my opponent into deploying his infantry in the bocage in front of the building. This led to them being caught in a crossfire out of which the Americans were not able to escape. One squad was wiped out entirely. In addition the Marder was able to engage and put some some shock on one of the tanks, while the leiG 18 and MMG hurt the American infantry even more. At that point my opponent threw in the towel.

The last game we played I felt that the Germans had no chance whatsoever of winning and was therefore surprised at the outcome this time around. The forces involved were pretty much the same. I think we both made mistakes, but I did roll better dice than I usually do.

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