Finnish reserve battalion of 1808

I havent done much painting lately, but I managed to finish one more Finnish battalion. This one does not have a flag, which was the case with the reserve (vargering) and so-called rusthållsbataljoner. The latter were formed in the 18th century, when a number of Finnish cavalry regiments were disbanded and converted into infantry. The former cavalry units were added to the existing infantry regiments, in which they formed extra battalions (normally, the regular regiments of the Swedish army consisted of two battalions).

The uniforms are the grey and blue worn by the Nyland and Björneborg regiments. The Åbo regiment wore a slightly darker blue facing color. I have painted them in a darker shade, but if I were to start over, I would do all three regiments in the same blue facing color, as the difference is hardly noticable on the tabletop. The grey-and-blue color scheme is also appropriate for the regiments which had received the new model 1807 uniform (with the same facing color for all regiments).

For these, I also varied the color of the trousers on a couple of figures. I will try and do this on more of my figures in the future, as I know that many regiments of the Swedish army in Finland had very well worn clothes by the summer of 1808.

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