Swedish commander, 1808

Here’s another figure for the Finland 1808 setting. This guy is a slightly converted Foundry Napoleonic Austrian. I only removed a few small details, such as medals, and added others, such as the armband.

The miniature is supposed to look like a Swedish general who commanded the 4th brigade at Oravais in september 1808 (lt. col. Cedergren). He wears the uniform of the fortification (engineers) branch of the Swedish army, model 1802. I am not as pleased with this figure as I was with my other commanders, but I think that is down to the original figure. He and his horse are a bit too chubby. Also, the white on the horse looks a bit strange through the camera. Still, the blue and yellow colors work well, and as long as I dont look too closely, he will do just fine.

The model 1802 uniform as seen in the contemporary illustration by Eben.

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