Some more Germans

These are a few more additions to my slowly growing Kursk project. The figures are slightly modified Warlord and Perry miniatures. The Perry figures are from the Afrika Korps range, but I replaced the heads and boots with Warlord pieces. One nice detail on the Afrika Korps minis is that the MGs have the round magazine fitted rather than a belt. The magazine would have been used quite often, especially by panzer grenadiers and other troops who MGs offensively, but miniature makers seem to prefer the belt-fed set up.

I now have 10 of these fully painted and 10-15 more modelled and primed, but I am in no rush.

Västmanland and Västerbotten regimental colors

I recently painted up the flags for these two regiments, but I have’nt yet painted the actual foot soldiers. The Västerbotten flag is of the 1686 model, the Västmanland flag is model 1766. The Västerbotten regiment (1st btn) was the only Swedish infantry regiment present in Finland at the outbreak of the war (not counting the regiments garrisoned at Sveaborg fortress, which surrendered in the late spring despite being quite intact and having suffered minimal losses). It participated at Virta bro, Pulkkila, Alavo, Ruona-Salmi and Oravais. In 1809 the second battalion defended Lejonströmsbron in the regiment’s home county of Västerbotten.

Since I did these I have also realized that the Västmanland regiment (with the flaming mountains in the flag!) probably did not wear the grey 1807 uniform in 1808 – they received it only in 1809 or so. That means that their uniform was in fact blue with yellow facings (piped white) and yellow trousers and not grey/blue as I have painted this ensign. But those are also nice colors!

Sevsk regiment 1808

Just a few musketeers of the Sevsk regiment. I am working on some more of these, including grenadiers (with their huge busch-plumes!), but havent been able to paint very much lately due to work. I really need to paint 4-5 units worth of Russian infantry as soon as possible, so am slightly depressed that things are moving so slowly…

Russian commanders

These are Russian generals by Warlord Games. They are very nice figures, just a shame they didnt bother to sculpt different horses – there are various head and arm options, but only one horse to choose from. As far as I know these are compatible with both the 1808-1809 and 1812 campaigns, or even later.

1808 Russians

Actually, they are more like 1805 Russians, but this uniform version is very nice. And they are great sculpts by Paul Hicks, available from Brigade Games (formerly they were sold by Victrix). I have painted them as the Velikiye Luki regt. but the facing colors on the Asov regt. are very close (“straw” instead of yellow, whatever that means), so they can be used to represent them too. That’s a good thing as both regts. were active in the Finnish campaign. These are of course meant as opponents of the Swedish/Finnish that I have shown in other posts!

Georg Carl von Döbeln

This is my interpretation of the most famous Swedish personality of the Finnish war of 1808, colonel Georg Carl von Döbeln. He was a brigade commander and won important victories at Lappo and Jutas among other battles. Famously, Döbeln had an old injury to his forhead which never healed. For that reason he always wore a black band around his head as you can see. Many pictures of him portray him as a general, but at these battles he was still a colonel. I have painted him in a grey and blue uniform, as I think he would have worn the uniform of the Åbo regiment at this time. The figure was converted from Foundry’s Austrian Archduke Charles miniature with some knife work and a little green stuff.

Swedish general for 1808

This figure was converted from a Bavarian colonel made by Perry and the head of a Swedish dragoon officer. The horse is from a set of British generals. I think it looks similar enough to the model 1801 uniform which Swedish generals wore at the time.

Swedish casualties…

These were based on figures from Perry’s and Foundry’s Austrian casualty packs. The Austrian uniforms are very similar to the Swedish m/1806 and m/1807. The differences are in the hats, backpacks (the Swedes didnt have backpacks in 1808) and the officers’ sash (which again the Swedes didnt use). The heads were simply exchanged for spare heads from Perry Swedes. The other details were fairly easy to remove with a knife. The copper “kruka” (some sort of cooking pot?) was done with some very simple greenstuffing. The musket is from a French casualty pack by Warlord and the hat was taken from a Brigade games pack of British navy heads.

The officer ended up looking like an ensign. I had the idea while I was finishing these that it might look nice to add a broken or tattered flag to his base. But that would perhaps be easier on a larger base. I have more of these figures, so maybe Ill try that later on. I will be needing a few more of these.