1808 Finnish infantry

These are the standard infantrymen for the Swedish/Finnish army of the war of 1808-09. The grey uniform with yellow cuffs and collars is the uniform of the Savolax infantry regiment. The regiment had two battalions, which were in turn subdivided into four “half-battalions” in at least some of the battles in Finland. In practice, the “battalions” which appeared in the Finnish war were often not much stronger than a full-strength company. This also means that for wargaming purposes, many of the small battles can still be represented using a relatively large number of units, with the basic unit being a half-battalion or company rather than a full-sized battalion. This is similar to how the French-Indian War and American War of Independence are often represented in wargames (as in the Black Powder-supplements Rebellion and Dark and Bloody Ground).

As you can see, I base my miniatures on 20mm round bases which can then be mounted on movement trays. Bases and trays are made by Warbases. Warbases have the excellent option of adding holes for magnets to the bases and trays, which I have used on these as well. The magnets fit perfectly and the minis stick well to the trays. There are also various options for skirmish type trays which are more appropriate for jägers and irregular troops.

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