Savolax jägers

These are some very nice Perry miniatures for the 1808 Finnish war. The Savolax jägers were an important unit in the war for the Swedish side. The regiment consisted of enlisted men, as opposed to the main part of the Swedish army which was based on a form of militia system (the allotment system or indelningsverket). The militia system had been neglected for a long time and the alloted soldiers had received little training. In this situation, professional soldiers such as the Savolax jägers became central to the Swedish army in Finland.

The nature of the terrain also favoured jägers. Finland was, then as now, covered by large areas of forests, but also much marshy ground and both small and larger lakes. The fighting occurred along the major roads and line infantry could only operate effectively in open fields, which were relatively rare and always interspersed with wooded areas. It was therefore common to see “chains” of jägers moving slowly through the woods in front of a main body of line infantry. All infantry in Finland had to learn to move in open order to some extent, but professional jägers such as the Savolax jäger regiment certainly excelled in that respect.

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