Swedish officer for 1808

This is supposed to look like a Swedish officer (colonel or something like that) in the war in Finland in 1808. He belongs to the Savolax infantry regiment, who wore grey uniforms with yellow collars and cuffs. The figure was orginally a napoleonic Spanish colonel from Perry miniatures, only I exchanged his head for that of a Swedish foot officer (also from Perry). I also added the white arm-band with green stuff. I dont do much sculpting but this turned out OK and I hope to learn more (doing napoleonic Swedish-Finnish I suspect I will to need to). The white arm-band was worn by Swedish officers in remembrance of the coup d’etat of king Gustav III in 1772, when the supporters of the king wore such armbands as a sign of loyalty. The uniform on this model was similar to the model 1802, which was still in use at the time of the war.

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