Björneborg (Pori) regiment, 1808

When I first started painting 1808 Swedes, I started with the Åbo regiment (red flag, elsewhere on the blog). In Perry’s command packs, you get two ensigns, so I painted both. But in the end I decided to have only one flag per unit, so I had one painted ensign left over. As I was going to do the Björneborg regiment at some point anyway, I did the flag and repainted cuffs, turnbacks and collar in a lighter blue (the only difference between the uniforms of those regiments).

The Björneborg regiment is famous for its heroic actions in the war in Finland, especially under the command of Georg Carl von Döbeln, the most well-known Swedish commander of the war. I have ordered some Austrian command figures from Foundry. One of them looks like he could fit as the basis for a von Döbeln character… The figures are probably arriving next week. We’ll see how they turn out.

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