Swedish casualties…

These were based on figures from Perry’s and Foundry’s Austrian casualty packs. The Austrian uniforms are very similar to the Swedish m/1806 and m/1807. The differences are in the hats, backpacks (the Swedes didnt have backpacks in 1808) and the officers’ sash (which again the Swedes didnt use). The heads were simply exchanged for spare heads from Perry Swedes. The other details were fairly easy to remove with a knife. The copper “kruka” (some sort of cooking pot?) was done with some very simple greenstuffing. The musket is from a French casualty pack by Warlord and the hat was taken from a Brigade games pack of British navy heads.

The officer ended up looking like an ensign. I had the idea while I was finishing these that it might look nice to add a broken or tattered flag to his base. But that would perhaps be easier on a larger base. I have more of these figures, so maybe Ill try that later on. I will be needing a few more of these.

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